Pure Beeswax Pellets

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Triple filtered 100% Pure and Natural Beeswax produced by us right here in California USA direct from the hives. No chemicals used, wax never bleached. Wax is free from particles, yet still has that amazing yummy smell of beeswax that everyone loves and burns clean! It's the same beeswax that are in our bricks, it's just in shaving flakes to make it easy for you to measure and melt.

Nice classic yellow beeswax color smell*
Great for crafting candles, soap, lip balms, woodworking, cosmetics, and more.

1lb of Beeswax ='s 20 ounces makes (3.3) 6oz candles
Per candle, 1oz of beeswax ='s 5 to 7 hours of burn time
Melt Point: 147˚F
Discoloration Occurs at 185˚F
Flash point: 400˚F

*Slight variations in color and smell between batches may exist as this is a natural product however we do our best to ensure color consistency is maintained.

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